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Welcome to Luleå! 

Luleå has a wealth of innovative businesses and employment opportunities. Because this is where it’s happening – the green transition in the north. In Luleå, you are close to nature, to a vast and beautiful archipelago, to a successful, flourishing world of sports and culture. The pulse of the big city, the opportunities of a university city, all with the security of a tight-knit community.  

In short, Luleå gives you access to a good life. Here, you will find everything YOU need to know about living and working in Luleå. We are happy to welcome you here!

Working in Luleå
The green transition in the north has generated an enormous need for recruitment – approximately 25,000 new workers will be needed in the region over the coming years. A domino effect of growth is creating a new need of skilled staff within virtually every industry. You can find YOUR dream job in Luleå!  
Life in Luleå
Luleå is known as the ten-minute city. Nothing is far away! Nature, urban life, the archipelago, forest and airport. There is a wide range of restaurants, cultural events and leisure activities. Luleå is one of the safest municipalities in all of Sweden. You can live YOUR best life here!  
Living in Luleå
We have somewhere for you, whatever your preference. Luleå is expanding like never before. Brand new residential areas are emerging, more homes are being built in the city centre, and new housing plots are being created out in the countryside. Luleå is growing and will have a place for at least 100,000 inhabitants by 2040. We hope YOU will be one of them! 

You can find somewhere to live either through the municipal housing company Lulebo, or private housing companies. It costs nothing to join the Lulebo waiting list and housing is allocated based on a points system. 

As for plots of land, you can either join the municipal waiting list for an annual fee of SEK 300, or contact a private agency. 

Residential areas in Luleå
You will find several residential areas in Luleå Municipality. There are 17 districts in and around the city centre, as well as almost 40 villages in the countryside. Here you can read about all these areas and get an idea of which would be the best fit for you.
Childcare and schools in Luleå
In Luleå, parents of children aged 1 and above have the right to childcare while they work, study, or look for jobs.

You child is guaranteed a place at a preschool within four months of your application. You can apply for a place at a preschool in an area different from the one where you live, but if there are many applicants for a particular preschool, priority is given to those living nearby. There are also a number of independent preschools in the municipality. Contact the individual preschool you wish to apply for. If you child is in compulsory school, Luleå Municipality will offer them a place at a school as part of your resettlement. These places will primarily be in schools in your residential area. The freedom to choose a school means you have the possibility to request a specific school for your child.

Children in primary and lower secondary schools are entitled to free school transport to their chosen school if necessary, taking factors such as the distance between the home and the school into account.

If your child needs a place at an after-school centre, your application must be submitted no later than one month before the desired starting date. After-school centres are offered to children in preschool up to and including year 6.

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