Flytta till Luleå, till startsidan

Move to Luleå!

In Luleå, it's not unusual to have ski trails around the corner. Or a beach just a stone's throw away. We understand that it's a luxury to have days when the cold nips at your cheeks and other days when the sun never seems to set. The delightful nature combined with urbanity makes life rich. Welcome home.

Everything starts with community

Meaningful activities are important for most people, but what makes the heart beat a little faster varies. In Luleå, there is everything from weaving courses for beginners to ski training for both adults and children. Those who enjoy culture find a rich offering, the same goes for those who like sports and play. Many activities cost only a small amount, and quite a few are also free.

Find your community in Luleå

Find your new home

Balcony with a view over rooftops and the harbor. Or perhaps a Norrbotten farm in an idyllic village? There is a wide range of housing options in Luleå and its surroundings, whether you prefer an apartment in the city, a family-friendly area within cycling distance, or in the countryside. It's also possible to live in the midst of a World Heritage site, for example.

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Are you interested in Luleå?

Before a move, there may be many questions, such as those related to employment, education, leisure activities, or housing. Team Move to Luleå can guide you. You can learn more about the team here or fill in your details, and they will get in touch with you. Welcome to Luleå!

Education in a safe environment

It is important that future generations have a secure foundation. Preschool and school play an incredibly significant role in this regard. We want all children to find their safe space with us. Therefore, Luleå Municipality offers, among other things, an English-language orientation and bilingual preschool in Finnish, Meänkieli, and Sami.

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A thousand new jobs until 2040

The green transition not only creates a better future globally but also job opportunities here and now. Especially in Luleå, where major industrial players are establishing themselves in Luleå Industrial Park. This creates natural ripple effects – as we grow, more resources are needed, especially in society-supporting professions. In Luleå, we also have the northernmost technical university in Scandinavia, which naturally plays a crucial role in the green transition with a focus on revolutionary technical development.

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