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Work and study in Luleå

The green transition not only opens doors for a sustainable industry and a better world. More residents of Luleå also create a demand for additional workforce in schools, healthcare, and transportation. The role of culture is crucial as well, to make the city not only ecologically sustainable but also creatively flourishing. Everyone is needed here.

We are aware that we need to change. The industry must become green, we are proud that it is happening up here in the north. But we also know that the transition needs more colors than green, so we also place great emphasis on creating the conditions for both culture and creative industries, because again – everyone is needed.

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The hub in the green transition

The world wants green carbon-neutral steel, sustainable graphite anodes for future car batteries, and smart minerals for future technological development. In the Luleå Industrial Park, the industries of the future are emerging. Luleå municipality owns and develops the Luleå Industrial Park in close collaboration with the business sector and the university. The first shovel has just hit the ground, and now you have the opportunity to be involved from the beginning - and all the way into the future.

These actors are currently establishing themselves in the area:

  • SSAB - A new electric arc furnace and a new rolling mill loom as SSAB transitions to fossil-free production by 2030.
  • Malmporten - A new deep port with deeper fairways will enable ships of up to 160,000 tons to anchor in Luleå.
  • Uniper - Uniper plans to build a regional hydrogen hub as part of the hydrogen project BotnialänkenH2. They plan to produce hydrogen based on wind power, and the hydrogen will be used in regional process industries, converted into electrofuels for ship fuel, and exported.
  • Fertiberia - 10 billion euros (! again) are invested when Grupo Fertiberia starts its first large-scale plant for the production of green ammonia and fertilizers in Sweden in 2026. This investment could make all of Sweden self-sufficient and also one of the first exporters in the world of ammonia and fertilizers with low carbon dioxide emissions. The investment is expected to generate more than 2,000 jobs during construction and 500 when the operation is running.
  • Talga - With natural graphite from Vittangi, climate-smart battery anodes will be produced in a completely new factory with the ambition to create the world's most sustainable batteries and consumer products.
  • LKAB ReeMAP - 10 billion (!) is invested in our industrial park to extract, for example, rare earth metals from mining waste, phosphorus for mineral fertilizers to enable sustainable agriculture, and here we will be able to produce enough gypsum for the entire construction production in Sweden.


At MindDig, your CV is matched with companies that fit your profile. MindDig specifically focuses on the green revolution happening in northern Sweden, and of course, Luleå is included in that.

So, take the opportunity to register your CV and come here - we look forward to having you!

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Education that generate work

Surely, you want to play a key role in the future sustainable society. Perhaps you already have a vocational education that you want to further develop? Here in Luleå, the Vocational University offers post-secondary education programs that lead to employment. Through internships (LIA), you also come into direct contact with your future employer here in Luleå – how great is that?

Sunderby folkhögskola

In the urban village of Sunderbyn lies Sunderby Folkhögskola. The school offers education and courses in high school subjects, art, game development, dogs, occupational health, and more. Sixty years ago, in 1963, an art school was founded as part of the activities. The art school provides participants with the opportunity to find their own creative expression and artistic creation.

During the first year of the art school, participants work through all the different workshops. The goal is to gain enough basic knowledge to apply for the second year, where participants choose which workshops to specialize in.

The vision of the art school is to develop the art scene in Norrbotten and create innovative and knowledgeable actors within artistic and creative industries.

Adult Education Programs

Vuxenutbildning offers a wide range of courses at both basic and high school levels. Here, you can pursue vocational training or individual courses to supplement a degree or qualify for higher education. You also have the opportunity to take vocational college programs in HVAC, restaurant management, building construction, healthcare, driving theory, become a teaching assistant, or bus driver – or simply get assistance in reaching your specific goals.

Adult education also provides courses for those who want to learn Swedish or have Swedish as a second language (SFI).

Studerande människor

Luleå University of Technology

The university on Porsön in Luleå, Luleå University of Technology (LTU), with its 17,000 students and 1,800 employees, is a university in constant development with world-leading expertise in several research areas. Notably, in the green transition, where significant investments are currently being made in Norrbotten and Västerbotten.

LTU plays a crucial role with its research and its role as an accelerator for competence supply in the north. The university is actually the northernmost university in Sweden, just to mention one thing! At LTU, research is conducted that genuinely changes the world – and there are educational programs that match the needs demanded by the industry, ultimately leading to jobs.

As a student at Luleå University of Technology, you are where it's happening, placing yourself right in the center of the green transition. Here, you are provided with every opportunity to contribute to a better future for the planet, in real-time. Sustainability programs at LTU are developed in collaboration with many of the companies at the forefront of the green transition, and here in Luleå, we are all proud to be part of that journey.

Vybild över campusområdet vid LTU