Flytta till Luleå, till startsidan

Live in Luleå

In Luleå, we are proud to have nurtured so many enthusiasts in both sports and culture. This has resulted in an incredibly rich community life today. So, whether you are passionate about cheerleading, theater, hockey, or lace-making, you will undoubtedly find a community and a context where you feel at home.

Some want to swim, and others want to bake. Regardless of what feels more like you, you can find it here in Luleå. Thanks to the constant proximity to nature and the Bothnian Bay, there are opportunities for community both indoors and outdoors. Both the archipelago and the ice rink can be reached directly from the city, by foot, car, or boat – the choice is yours! For the days when you prefer to stay indoors, Luleå offers a multitude of alternatives, more about these can be found right below, conveniently enough.

Culture both in the stands and on the parquet

Norrbottensteatern in Northern Harbor is the entire county's theater. High-class stage magic is created here. The theater is beautifully situated and is one of Luleå's signature buildings. You will also find the Theater Academy right next door.

Not far from there, we have Kulturens Hus – a house filled to the brim with culture. Here, you'll find concert halls, the city library, an art gallery, a restaurant, a café, and much, much more.

At Kulturens Hus, there's also an art lab that is entirely free to visit for both young and old. Here, those with a passion for creating can be inspired by ongoing exhibitions and try their hand at various techniques with the help of the house's skilled art educators.

Big, well-established artists, as well as new and exciting stars, come here. Kulturens Hus regularly hosts well-known events such as Bok & Bild (Book & Image).

"Bland drakar och dragqueens" on Bok & Bild

"Bland drakar och dragqueens" on Bok & Bild

Norrbottens Museum is another free-to-visit attraction. The county museum showcases exhibitions focused on cultural heritage from Norrbotten, as well as groundbreaking displays featuring innovative artists from all corners of the county. For children, there is a well-received playroom designed as an old-fashioned store and home environment. Currently, the museum is undergoing extensive renovations and will be closed from February 2024 until spring 2025.

For those who want to create with their own hands, both Medborgarskolan and Sunderby Folkhögskola organize short courses in various techniques. At Sunderby Folkhögskola, you'll find the prestigious art school, which has nurtured many of the county's foremost artists for over 50 years and continues to offer full-time art courses. Here, you'll also find Gallery Y, which showcases participants' works as well as creations from established artists. Folkhögskolan also hosts an annual Christmas market where you can get your hands on future art treasures today. You'll also find Kooperativet Valborg's well-regarded art shop and framing, an institution appreciated by both Luleå residents, art participants, and established artists. For more on this, you can read under Jobs and Studies.

Konsert i Ebeneser

Snow sculptures by Sunderby Folhögskola

During the summer, festivals are organized in Luleå. In recent years, the free festival "Putte i parken" has attracted the people of Luleå to the city's streets and squares. Every year during the summer, Luleå Pride is also organized by RFSL. During Pride week, there are lectures, music, conversations, and entertainment in various locations around the city, especially in Stadsparken. A week filled with joy, pride, love, and respect – Pride annually attracts visitors from all over the country.

In the fall, Luleå Live is a highly appreciated event. Established artists from outside the county as well as local stars perform at many venues, clubs, and restaurants throughout the city – and all of this is completely free.

Hangouts in nature and outdoor life

Luleå is a city near water, with plenty of beaches throughout the municipality. That's why the beaches are rarely overcrowded. Some favorite beaches among the people of Luleå include Gültzauudden, Tjuvholmssundet, Lulviksbadet, Niporna, Storsand, Brändon, Svartöstadstranden, and Klubbvikens Havsbad. There are a few hidden gems that we're not mentioning here – you'll discover them once you've moved here, we promise.

Klubbvikens Havsbad is located on Sandön in the Luleå archipelago. Here, you'll find a restaurant, an ice cream kiosk, and cabins for rent for those who want to stay longer than just a swim. Every summer, Luleå Municipality rents out many of the cabins on the archipelago islands, an initiative appreciated by the residents of the municipality.

The year-round residents of Sandön are responsible for some of the most exciting forms of transportation in Luleå. How about taking a hovercraft to preschool in the winter? Not bad at all.

Getting out to the archipelago doesn't require owning a boat, although our many boat clubs and harbor hangouts are appreciated communities. There are regular passenger boats from both the northern and southern harbors, making it easy to explore Luleå's extensive and beautiful archipelago.

More about Luleå archipelago

During the winter, the ice track is a natural weekend excursion for both Luleå residents and tourists. Many enjoy long-distance ice skating on the smooth ice, while others borrow one of the municipality's kicksleds and head out to Gråsjällören for a barbecue and coffee.

Read more about the ice track

The outdoor area Ormberget is popular year-round. Here, you'll find excellent ski trails suitable for beginners, recreational skiers, and professionals. There's also a toboggan hill and a downhill skiing slope at Ormberget. For those who enjoy downhill skiing, there's also Måttsundsbacken with easier slopes for beginners and steeper ones for more advanced skiers.

Man på isbanan
Sommardag på Ormberget

Another popular excursion destination is the nature reserve Bälingeberget, a 139-meter-high mountain near central Luleå. At the top of the mountain, there's a rest area with fireplaces, providing a magical view over the Lule River.

For those who want to try their luck at fishing, you can fish in Råne River or Hertsöträsket. Hertsöträsket is a stocked lake near the residential area of Hertsön. Here, Arctic char and rainbow trout have been planted, but there are also perch and pike. At Hertsöträsket, you'll find hiking trails, cabins, wind shelters, and rest areas for added comfort.

If you're in the mood for indoor exercise, Luleå has several gyms and fitness facilities to choose from. Worth mentioning is Pontusbadet, a beautifully designed bathhouse where everything, from the lockers in the changing rooms to the swimming pool, exudes well-preserved 1950s architecture.

Luleå unites – at its best when it matters

I Luleå, we take great pride in our rich community life and the local drive that continues to unite the residents year after year. We know that meaningful activities are important for most people. Here, both children and adults can find associations in Luleå that suit them, whether it's hockey or horses, basketball or ballroom dancing—there's something for everyone.

In comparison to larger cities, it's both easy and relatively inexpensive to get involved in recreational activities for children in Luleå. We have several riding clubs, ski schools, dance schools, gymnastics, award-winning cheerleading, roller derby, wrestling, and much, much more.

We are aware that Luleå is perhaps best known as both a hockey and basketball town, and it's not surprising. The elite basketball teams have won gold several times, and the interest in basketball extends to younger age groups. Today, almost every neighborhood has its own basketball team, allowing children from preschool and upwards to participate in their favorite sport.

Of course, there are also hockey teams, soccer teams, floorball teams, and more. The dedicated volunteers in these associations invest a lot of time and love to create opportunities for a rich variety of recreational activities.

Dance is also popular among children, youth, and adults. Next to Norrbottensteatern is Dansmagasinet, where students train in everything from ballet to street dance. Every spring, there is a large dance performance at Luleå Energi Arena where hundreds of children and young people participate. In Södra hamn, the dance association Exiled, since its founding in 2003, has nurtured Swedish champions in disciplines like Break Dance. Here, urban culture thrives to the sound of the waves of the Bay of Bothnia. If you prefer to be in the audience, you can also find Dansinitivet in Notviken.