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Housing in Luleå

Live in the middle of the city or near the beach? Or maybe both? Because whether you prefer a residential neighborhood where kids have close to their friends or in your own yard with the river as the nearest neighbor – the opportunities are here, welcome!

Luleå is not Sweden's largest city. However, we have many qualities that larger cities lack. No one describes it better than those who have already moved here – and their stories you can find on the homepage, easily, right?

Here, you rarely live far from your friends and acquaintances, and it's easy to get between most areas by bike (or kick sled). If you live outside the city, it doesn't take half a day to travel by public transport – because here it's easy to get from A to B, or from L to Å.

Home to the farm – or the apartment?


The proximity to restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops is, of course, an advantage of living in the center of Luleå. The city center is situated between two harbors, the northern and the southern, meaning that you are close to water wherever you are. It's a bit like an Arctic Venice.

Tired of hunting for parking spaces? How about an apartment with a boat space right outside your door? In the southern harbour's Kuststad, you can get just that. During the summer, the harbour area is filled with sand, and activities are organized throughout the entire summer season on ”Södra hamnplan." Here you'll find a café cottage, a recreational bank, and popular food trucks. There are also opportunities for accommodations with excellent views in the northern harbor. There, you are also close to culture – with both Norrbottensteatern and Kulturens hus within walking distance.

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A short walk from the city center is the residential area of Östermalm. Here, modern apartments are mixed with charming houses and lush gardens. In Östermalm, you live right by Skurholmsfjärden, and the popular exercise trail "Hälsans stig” offers a pleasant walking route of about four kilometers. Here, you'll also find Golfängen, which provides outdoor gyms, mini-golf, and perfect picnic areas. Just a few minutes' bike ride from Östermalm is the residential area of Lulsundet with its successful kayak club and appreciated bathing beach.

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Right next to the southern harbor is the newly built area of Kuststad. Here, six building blocks face the water and the newly constructed marina. In the neighborhood, there are restaurants, and just a couple of minutes away, you'll find a large grocery store, an appreciated second-hand store, and a solid building supply store.

Gültzauudden is a district in central Luleå with roots from the past, as some of the villas here can be traced back to the early 1920s. Here, large grassy areas, park forests with a popular walking trail, a playground, and a fantastic beach coexist. The "udden" (cape) as the area is called, attracts Luleå residents of all ages year-round.

Stranden vid Gültzaudden

Ice track in the winter, beach in the summer.

Mamma och dotter i ett hus i Svartöstan

Close to the beach

If you live in Luleå, you probably already know that you're never very far from a beach. In some areas, the beach is even right outside your door. In the residential area of Svartöstaden, located at the entrance to Luleå, several stretches of beach follow one another almost all the way into the city.

Vy över Svartöstan
Mamma och dotter i ett hus i Svartöstan

Svartöstaden is a unique old working-class neighborhood that was built to provide housing for ore and factory workers in close proximity to the steelworks. The area still consists mainly of older wooden houses. Throughout the years, this neighborhood has become a popular residence for many creative residents of Luleå, including those in theater, advertising, and music. This is reflected in the numerous local events that take place here, such as the annual Svartöstadsdagen, which features both a flea market and concerts. In the old community center "Blackis," the Local Heritage Association also organizes a well-attended Christmas market every year.

Another area with a beach and bathing facilities close by is Notviken, which has been a part of Luleå since the 17th century. Below the residential area is a sandy beach with a view towards the northern harbor of the city center. Interior design and renovation enthusiasts in Luleå often visit the many shops in the area to indulge in color and form. Notviken is also home to the division 3 champions Notvikens IK.

At Mjölkudden, you're close to the beach and the beautiful walking paths along the river. In one of Luleå's largest residential areas, you find yourself equally close to nature as to the city. With its own center, you have easy access to restaurants, grocery stores, and a gym.

Living on the countryside

In the northern part of the municipality, many of our coziest villages are located. Here, you can stroll for hours among the well-preserved Norrbotten farms, all beautifully situated close to the river. Råneå is the largest community with over 2,000 inhabitants. In Råneå, you'll find everything you need, such as grocery stores, health centers, sports facilities, swimming pools, and more. Summers offer countless flea market rounds and the popular Vitå rock festival, a 12-hour-long heavy metal festival. You'll also find the Råneå Art Hall, where art and the studio attract both adults and children to discover their own abilities and local talents from all corners of the world.

Vybild över Brändön

Ten minutes by car or twenty minutes by bus from the city center lies Sunderbyn, also known as "Byn" by those who grew up there. The area is characterized by its two parts, the northern and the southern. In Southern Sunderbyn, older farms are interspersed with newer townhouses and apartments. Here is also Sunderby Folkhögskola with its honorable art school, that for over 50 years has nurtured some of the county's most prominent artists. There are home fields and ice rinks for football, figure skating, American football, and ice hockey. Sunderbyn has the highest proportion of families with children in the municipality. The hospital is also located here, something that has resulted in many bus connections. And now, maybe we're repeating ourselves, but even here, it's close to the beach.


In the southern part of the municipality, you will find the southern villages. As new generations have discovered them, they have evolved. Today, southern villages like Alvik offer a delightful mix of old and new, and several farms still operate here. In Bälinge, you'll find an ecological experience center, started by locals who returned home - here, you can have dinner side by side with cows, as they graze on the other side of the plexiglass wall. The nature reserve and the view from the top of Bälingeberget attract both residents of Luleå and tourists from the entire region every year.

House or apartment, with or without a dog and volvo

Here, you don't need to choose. You don't need a Volvo either, for that matter, because there are residential areas within cycling or dog-walking distance from the city.

In Skurholmen, there are several schools and preschools, making the area a favorite among families. The annual music festival Skurstock is held here, where the "Skurholmare of the Year" award is also presented. Many people from all corners of Luleå make a pilgrimage here, as it is home to Luleå's oldest pastry shop! Holms konditori has been providing Luleå residents with pastries of all kinds since 1955. The saffron buns cause long queues every year, so it's essential to be early.

Bergnäsets hamn
Klättervägg på Södra hamn

When leaving Luleå city via Bergnäsbron, you arrive at the neighborhood that inspired the bridge's name – Bergnäset. Here, you find another proactive neighborhood with significant volunteer engagement. During winter, ski trails are prepared, and in the summer, activities for both young and old take place at the Trolltjärn bathing area. These activities include outdoor cinema or watching football championships on a big screen. Bergnäset is also home to Luleå's newest skate park, Trolltjärn Plaza, initiated by a proud resident of Bergnäset.

Similar to Mjölkudden, Bergnäset has its own center with shops, restaurants, and a health center. With the aforementioned landmark, Bergnäsbron, and road 97, it's quick to cycle, walk, or drive to the city center or beyond.

From bridges to birches, we have them both here in Luleå. The residential area Björkskatan, affectionately called "Björx" by locals, got its name because it is located on a birch-covered hill. Since the 1970s, the area has been developed in stages, and today, it has its own center with a grocery store, pizzeria, pharmacy, and more.

Sinksundet vid Björkskatan

Hertsön is the largest residential area outside the Luleå city center, both in terms of area and population. A significant number of people mean a lot of life and activity, and there's always something happening here. This has been the case since the area was established as an early investment in the growing Luleå. Currently, there are plans for a new school, an entirely new residential area, and a swimming pool. The green transition is taking shape here on Herstöheden.

Hertsö Idrottsplats is located here with multiple football fields, tennis courts, and miniature golf. During winter, the area is transformed into an ice hockey rink and bandy field. At the far end of Hertsön, you'll find allotment gardens and the venerable Hertsö Miljögård. It's not uncommon to come across a rider on their horse during an evening stroll in this area.

Proximity to the university

On Porsön, the majority of Luleå's 15,000 students live, as Luleå University of Technology is located here. What students appreciate here is the proximity to the campus, as most of them live very close to the school. This proximity fosters a life close to the community, both on campus, at the gym, and at the student pub. From here, you can take the bus to the city in 15 minutes.

Gammelstad kyrkby

Here you'll also find Teknikens hus, which is a popular destination for both Luleå residents and tourists of all ages. You can venture into space in Teknikens hus's own planetarium, go down into the mine, or explore the steelworks with AR glasses. Teknikens hus also houses a popular lunch restaurant where the queue is long from the moment the doors open. The proximity to Luleå Science Park, where many companies in technology and IT gather, gives students closeness to both future employers and future innovations.

There is also a local center here, where the grocery store is said to have especially student-friendly prices. Here, you'll find dental care, several gyms, a school, several preschools, a library – and, of course, a beach just around the corner. The large lawn below the university, Universitetsheden, serves as both an outdoor classroom and a picnic area.

In the midst of the World Heritage site or industrial history

Karlsvik is an old industrial village located about ten kilometers outside central Luleå. It was home to industries such as the steam sawmill, ironworks, and wood pulp mill. Today, the residents of Karlsvik live among the still-existing old industrial residences and in the old school with its grand windows. However, there have also been some new constructions in the area. The popular Arcus Camping is located here, with its beautiful beaches and a heated outdoor pool. The Arcushallen exhibition and sports hall is also in the area, hosting Sweden's largest annual flea market, which often turns into a lively celebration.

Familj vid hage vid Gammelstad

Located ten kilometers outside the center of Luleå, Gammelstad, as the name suggests, is the oldest part of the municipality. The area is divided into an older and a younger residential area. Kyrkbyn, located next to Gammelstad Church, allows you to live just a stone's throw away from the charming Church Town, with its 405 red church cottages listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

In Gammelstad, you will also find the open-air museum Hägnan, which was initially established in 1918 on Gultzaüudden and operated as a Norrbotten Skansen by the Norrbotten County Heritage Society. The move to Gammelstad and the old rectory's grounds took place in the 1970s.

Gammelstad kyrkby

In the newer part of Stadsön, you can stroll among newly built villas and older farms that coexist with apartment buildings. Here, you'll find a large center (we do love our local centers if you haven't noticed) with amenities such as a grocery store, a swimming pool, a sports hall, and its own library, among other facilities.

Landlords in Luleå